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Saturday 29th April 2017

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Strategies to Become a Better Decision Maker

Making decisions can be notoriously difficult when you’re an entrepreneur or you’re in a leadership position of a bigger company. Because you’re invested in making the best possible decision for your business or for your employer, you must use a line of objective reasoning and eliminate any emotional or biased influences that might alter or compromise that decision.

Asking the Right Questions Can Frame a Successful Transformation

When plotting strategy, leaders should worry less about solutions and more about identifying the precise problem they are trying to solve.

Media's Data-Driven Future

Today is the slowest rate of technological change you will ever experience in your lifetime,” says Shelly Palmer. In this Thought Leader interview, one of the world’s premier voices on digital technology in media and entertainment looks ahead to the decline of midsized companies, the evolution of data-driven decision making (and the general lack of skill at it), and the prospect of many jobs being lost to automation, except for the very top creative tier.

Navigating the Choppy Waters of Healthcare Reform

Even though Congress’s effort to partially repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) failed, it is likely that reforms and changes in the regulatory and competitive environment will continue to disrupt established business models. As they negotiate the uncertainty inherent in the environment in the coming years, healthcare organizations that understand the long-term trends affecting their markets, grasp their relevance to stakeholders, forge meaningful partnerships, and engage with reform efforts at every level of government will be well positioned to succeed.

The New Ways to Win in Emerging Markets

In emerging markets, companies must offer an environment conducive not only to economic success but to good living as well.

How Much Innovation Should We Juice Out of Engineers?

Are the bells and whistles on already highly engineered products just decadence, or are they a small price to pay for the gadgets we need?

Strategic Planning: A Product of Organizational Strategic Thinking

Strategic planning is an exciting process for imagining the future of a business. However, it is only successful if planners and executors, the organization as a whole in other words, is thinking strategically. Conventional thinking keeps organizations stuck in the past as leaders and their employees focus on short-term goals that have little relevance to stimulating new competitive approaches. Yet, the business marketplace is now in a constant state of transformation, largely due to technology and globalization. Organizations unable to meet the challenge of staying competitive in the new, and somewhat chaotic, order of things are not likely to succeed. …

Connecting the Dots from Brand to Demand

Companies need a more integrated view of what drives consumer choice — one that isn’t tied to one-dimensional demographics or a narrowly defined need. They have to combine a deep knowledge of who is shopping, when, where, and why, with an understanding of the emotional and functional benefits of their products. Making those connections reveals specific situations, or demand windows, in which consumers want or need to make a purchase. Companies need to identify those windows that are most promising for their brand, and then make changes to how they market and sell their current products, as well as develop …

For Startups, Giving Up Control Is Key to Creating Value

Young firms are valued significantly higher and attract more financing after their founders relinquish some power.

Why Do Cannibals Lead the Pack?

In business, a cannibal is a company that devours its own product or service. In other words, they make a product that is significantly better than existing products. Because of that, customers abandon the existing product for the new one. While this appears counterintuitive, it is a critical strategy that can ensure the future success of a corporation. This article explores what happens to those organizations that avoid this approach as well as the benefits of those who have successfully pursued this strategy.

Why Managers Can’t Skimp on Radical Candor

Author Kim Scott argues that managers who care personally and challenge their team directly can improve results.

HR's New Challenge: Whole-Family Care

Today’s workforce is not only more diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity than it was several decades ago, it is far more diverse in terms of life circumstances. As a result, employees must deal with much greater family responsibilities, such as caring for children or elderly parents with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Yet many companies continue to rely on HR policies and employee benefits programs built to suit the needs of workers two generations ago, when most private-sector employees were male and married. The result is that many companies are not getting the most from their talent, and …

Top 3 Secrets to Unraveling the Challenges of Healthcare Interoperability

Interoperability remains one of the top challenges across the behavioral healthcare sector. What exactly does interoperability mean? It means having the ability to successfully transfer communication between your software and technology internally and externally with clarity. Streamlining the technology that runs your facility demonstrates that you have a sincere focus on improving the patient experience and the healthcare process that your facility provides.

Where Have All the Shop Clerks Gone?

Forget your worries about the factory floor. Machines are already decimating retail jobs.

Strategy Talk: How Do I Build a Strong Pipeline of Future Leaders?

The next generation of management needs to build its strategic acumen through real-world practice.

Rethinking Returnships for Retaining Women

These high-level internships can help organizations tap into an overlooked talent pool, but they aren’t a cure-all.

Wanted: Ambidextrous Leaders

Leaders who fully understand strategy and execution are rare. Those who can make it work are even rarer. We’re looking for examples. See also “The Leadership Survey.”

The Leadership Survey

Tell us who you think the most capable leaders are, and what they do to excel at both strategy and execution. See also “Wanted: Ambidextrous Leaders.”

Different Ways To Research Your Target Market

In this article, I am going to talk about different ways you can research your target market to find out what they need and what they want before even coming up with a product or service to offer them. 1. Forums The first place you can head down to is forums in your niche.

Tech Is No Cure-All Where Emotions Run High

Autonomous buses seem like a natural solution to a school bus driver shortage, but parents would certainly disagree.

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