Future of learninghttp://www.businessperspectives.org.uk/theme/31/Updates on trends in learning and leaning technologies particularly associated with learning at work. en-GBThu, 27 Apr 2017 17:57:00 -0000Analog to Digital with Roaring Spring Whitelines Notepadshttp://feedproxy.google.com/%7Er/blogspot/gVvh/%7E3/ZNso4KkDBWI/analog-to-digital-with-roaring-spring.html<p>As much as I love my digital tools, there are times when I need to set them aside and use pencil, pen and paper. It was about a year and half ago that I started to use pencil and paper, which resulted in me going down a real creative path and producing a wild number of info-graphics using the Wacom Bamboo Slate. Using the Wacom Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Paper on my iPad I was able to create a work flow that let my creative forces thrive. There are those times when I need to step away from my digital tools and remember what it is like to hold a pencil or pen to paper without the distraction of the computer.&nbsp;So now when I need to reflect on my projects or ideas, I just sit down with pen and paper and begin to draw or write down my ideas. Using pen and paper has freed me to release&nbsp;my creative energies! But what could be better than to marry the analog with the digital when I need to file these ideas? This is where the Roaring Spring Whitelines notebooks come in. The&nbsp;Roaring Spring Whitelines&nbsp;notebooks come in various sizes but are distinctive in that they have a grey background with four unique icons in each of the corners of the paper. At the bottom of the page you will also find three icons for Email, Evernote, and Dropbox that you can tick, which when used with the Whitelines app (for IOS &amp; Android) can quickly file and transfer your notes to the respective service. Once your files have been transferred&nbsp;you will also note that the grey background lines or grids are gone an all of your work is highly visible on your device. Marrying the analog with the digital just got a whole lot easier using&nbsp;Roaring Spring Whitelines&nbsp;notebooks. Give them a try and let me know what you think!&nbsp;</p>Thu, 27 Apr 2017 17:57:00 -0000963 - Style Cameras, Musk Memory Tech, Asia Learning Delegationshttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/4/26/963-style-cameras-musk-memory-tech-asia-learning-delegations.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- April 26, 2017 #963- Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,637 Readers - www.masie.com - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; Host of Curation &amp; Learning LAB - May 9-11 - Saratoga Springs, NY 1. Amazon&#8217;s Look for Echo: Style, Camera and Machine Learning. 2. Elon Musk&#8217;s Neurolink for Memory Assist for Aging Brains. 3. Masie&#8217;s Asia Ambassador: Learning Delegations from Asia. 4. Indecent &amp; Anastasia: 2 MASIE Productions on Broadway. 1. Amazon&#8217;s Look for Echo: Style, Camera and Machine Learning: Very excited about the just released Amazon Echo &#8220;Look&#8221; - which is a camera component of the Echo product.&nbsp; It will have many features including a provocative one that will take pictures of your clothing and proposed purchases and run that through a Machine Learning interface for &#8220;Style Advice&#8221;.&nbsp; Imagine that applied to other dimensions of movement and pictures, which will bring us into a visual based Performance Support world of tomorrow. We will feature a &#8220;Hackathon&#8221; with the Amazon Echo &#8220;Look&#8221; as applied to Learning at the upcoming Learning 2017 event. Details on the emerging Look product at: http://tinyurl.com/amazlook 2. Elon Musk&#8217;s Neurolink for Memory Assist for Aging Brains: In following advances and innovations that may have an impact on Learning, I was quite intrigued to learn of Elon Musk&#8217;s (Tesla &amp; SpaceX) new venture: Neurolink.&nbsp;He has some far-out ideas of using brain implants to ultimately allow brain-to-brain to technology communication. And, there is a closer target: to use technology as a way of helping individuals that have a brain or memory failure to cope and more effectively function. Researchers on this project are looking at memory prompting and image recognition that would assist recall, as well as other assistive devices. As an owner of a Tesla for 3 years, I have deep intrigue with t</p>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 20:33:02 -0000962 - 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders; A Learning Cruise; Learning Ideashttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/4/17/962-30-under-30-learning-leaders-a-learning-cruise-learning.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- April 17, 2017 #962 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,631 Readers - www.masie.com - The MASIE Center.&nbsp;&nbsp; 1. 30 Under 30 Invitation for Rising Learning Leaders. 2. Learning Ideas for Sessions, Experiences, and Activities. 3. A 3 Day Learning Cruise! 1. 30 Under 30 Invitation for Rising Learning Leaders: One of my favorite projects that I have started in my career is our 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders Program. Over the past years, over 200 rising learning leaders under the age of 30 have participated in a high-energy, multi-day, deeply engaging program. They have been mentored by senior business leaders such as Marshall Goldsmith and have also cross-mentored learning leaders on the changing perspectives of their generation. We are pleased to open up this year&#8217;s 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders Program. Info and application: https://www.learning2017.com/30under30 2. Learning Ideas for Sessions, Experiences, and Activities:&nbsp;We are &#8220;all ears&#8221; to hear ideas for cool and engaging sessions and activities that we could offer at Learning 2017. If you would like to facilitate a session or be part of a conversation that you think would be awesome, send us a quick, one-paragraph note using this link: http://www.masie.com/learning2017ideas 3. A 3 Day Learning Cruise! Join Elliott Masie and other learning colleagues on a fun and affordable 3 day Learning Cruise right after Learning 2017 (Oct 26th). We will sail on the Liberty ship from the Port Canaveral area and head towards Nassau and a day at sea. Great time to relax and dream about the futures of learning - while hanging on the Lido Deck. Details:&nbsp;https://www.learning2017.com/index.php/learning-cruise &nbsp; Yours in learning, Elliott Masie Email: emasie@masie.com Twitter: @emasie&nbsp; MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services: - Curation &amp; Learning LAB - May 9-11, 2017 Saratoga Springs, NY.&nbsp; - Learning Syst</p>Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:38:10 -0000961 - Passover Today: Questions, Storytelling & Learning; Lucky Latkeshttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/4/11/961-passover-today-questions-storytelling-learning-lucky-lat.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- April 11, 2017 #961 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,626 Readers - www.masie.com - The MASIE Center.&nbsp;&nbsp; 1. Passover Today: Learning, Stories and Questions 2. Lucky Latkes: New Horse for MASIE Stable 1. Passover Today: Learning, Stories and Questions: One of my favorite Jewish Holidays is happening today.&nbsp; Passover is a holiday that taught me the importance of stories, learning and questions.&nbsp; So, each Passover, I combine an Elliott cooked Matzo Ball soup with reflections on the learning process and importance of questions. Passover has a ritual of the &#8220;4 Questions&#8221; that are asked by the youngest family member at the Sedar (celebration dinner).&nbsp; These questions are part of an evening of telling the Passover Stories of the Jewish Slaves leaving Egypt in olden times.&nbsp; Songs about liberty, family and faith are mixed with stories about historic events of freedom. We would hear my father read from Lincoln&#8217;s Gettysburg Address or my mom reading a poem about liberty.&nbsp; But, asking the 4 Questions were my part, from age 4 on.&nbsp; Here is a sample of my annual questions: &#8220;What makes this night different from all other nights?&#8221; &#8220;On all other nights, we eat either sitting upright or reclining.&nbsp;Why on this night do we all recline?&#8221; The key was to ask this and other questions to trigger conversations and the telling of the stories.&nbsp; And, it was powerful as a child to be given a key role in a family celebration - where the task was to ask a question and engage in the conversation and learning that it triggered.&nbsp; I would say that several of my adult skills as a facilitator, interviewer and storyteller could be traced back to my nights of asking the 4 Questions of Passover. I send Passover greetings to my TRENDS friends and colleagues around the world, in the season where we also celebrate Easter and other holiday</p>Tue, 11 Apr 2017 18:00:19 -0000960 - Encyclopedia Volume Missing, LMS "Worries", Multi-Sided Curationhttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/4/7/960-encyclopedia-volume-missing-lms-worries-multi-sided-cura.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- April 7, 2017 #960 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,620 Readers - www.masie.com - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. Missing an Encyclopedia Volume: What&#8217;s J to L? 2. Multi-Sided Curation: Users and Organizations Gather/Sort 3. LMS Worries: Futures, Talent, Personalization &amp; API&#8217;s??? 1. Missing an Encyclopedia Volume: What&#8217;s J to L?&nbsp; I sometimes pause a moment when thinking about the meaning of things that start with the letters J, K or L. &nbsp;When I think about a Llama or Kaleidoscope or Jackal, my brain pauses for a moment until the meaning pops up.&nbsp; Why? Well, when I was 7 in 1957, my mom would take me to the grocery store each week and we would buy one volume of a our new Encyclopedia.&nbsp; I remember the first volume that was for letters A &amp; B.&nbsp; I would take the book home and learn so much - about things, events, words and concepts that were new.&nbsp; And, I looked forward to the next week when I could dive into C and D. Then, a few weeks later, when the Encyclopedia volume that covered J to L was supposed to be on sale, a surprise happened.&nbsp; The store ran out of copies.&nbsp; While they promised to get the J to L book soon, it never happened.&nbsp; And, for the next few years, that part of my knowledge was challenged. While Google, Bing and life experiences have filled many of the gaps from my missing volume, it still lingers slightly. An Elliott curation gap from long ago. 2. Multi-Sided Curation: Users and Organizations Gather/Sort &nbsp;Curation of Content has many sides - personal curation and organizational curation.&nbsp; Both the worker/learner and their employer have stakes in curation and we rarely consider both sides. The learner wants to OPTIMIZE her content - gathering it, sorting it, selecting it, notating it, rejecting it and more.&nbsp; The employer wants to OPTIMIZE the content that each and every employee has access to and </p>Fri, 07 Apr 2017 16:23:49 -0000Former First Lady Michelle Obama to Keynote Learning 2017http://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/3/30/former-first-lady-michelle-obama-to-keynote-learning-2017.html<p>Former First Lady Michelle Obama to Keynote Learning 2017&nbsp; Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be the keynote speaker at Elliott Masie&rsquo;s Learning 2017 conference on October 23rd in Orlando, Florida. Michelle Robinson Obama served as First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. As a transformative First Lady, Mrs. Obama launched and led four key initiatives: Let&rsquo;s Move!, to address the challenge of childhood obesity; Joining Forces, to support veterans, service members and their families; Reach Higher, to inspire young people to seek higher education; and Let Girls Learn, to help adolescent girls around the world go to school. Before becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She started her career as an attorney at the Chicago law firm, Sidley &amp; Austin, where she met her future husband, Barack Obama. She later worked in the Chicago mayor&rsquo;s office, the University of Chicago, and the University of Chicago Medical Center. Mrs. Obama also founded the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, an organization that prepares young people for careers in public service. Mrs. Obama was born on January 17, 1964. She married Barack Obama in 1992. They currently live in Washington, DC and have two daughters, Malia and Sasha. &ldquo;Mrs. Obama&rsquo;s presentation will set the stage for rich dialogues at Learning 2017&rdquo;, says Elliott Masie, Host and Chair of the event. Learning 2017 will be held in Orlando, Florida from October 22 to October 25 at Walt Disney World. Learning 2017 is produced by a collaborative of 200 global corporations, focused on improving workplace learning and training. Hosted and curated by Elliott Masie, Learning 2017 brings together several thousand learning professionals as they focus on the changing nature of workplace education and development. In previous years, keynotes have included General Colin Powell, CNN&rsquo;s Anderson Cooper, President Bill Clinton, Apolo Oh</p>Thu, 30 Mar 2017 19:54:21 -0000959 - Mentoring & Coaching Frameworks, LMS for Only 20%, Big News by Fridayhttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/3/28/959-mentoring-coaching-frameworks-lms-for-only-20-big-news-b.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- March 28, 2017 #959 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,623 Readers - www.masie.com - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. Needed: Frameworks for Mentoring &amp; Coaching 2. When an LMS Only Tracks 20% of the Learning 3. Big News about Learning 2017 on Friday 1. Frameworks for Mentoring &amp; Coaching Needed!: Mentoring and Coaching are key pathways for employees to improve skills and develop their readiness for new roles.&nbsp; Almost every conversation I have with a worker about their own development includes a time they had a powerful and effective Mentor or Coach. Yet, our understanding of what makes one Coach highly effective and another deeply forgettable is not very strong or evidence based.&nbsp; Some theories of coaching center around strong listening, feedback and structuring skills.&nbsp; Other theories point to the level of maturity of the learner to the task at hand - shifting styles of feedback as the maturity goes up or down. What the Learning Field needs is a stronger, evidence based model for shaping the most effective coaching and mentoring that is needed by a specific learner in a specific situation.&nbsp; Sometimes, it will need to be highly directive with crisp &#8220;behavioral dashboards&#8221; for the worker.&nbsp; Other times it might be a supportive ear to listen and provide support.&nbsp; And, sometimes it might be a structured Learning Advisor, pointing to possible content or experiences that would be most helpful. And, we will see the rise of &#8220;Machine Learning&#8221; coaching, which will use a combination of intense data about a learner with a digital interaction to provide the best mentoring/coaching. The MASIE Center is interested in dialoguing with colleagues who are interested in building out these Mentoring/Coaching frameworks.&nbsp; Send me a note to emasie@masie.com 2. When an LMS Only Tracks 20% of the Learning :( Sadly, our learning systems (e.g. LMS and LCMS)</p>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 19:29:54 -0000New Infographic Guides Available With Focus on Educational & Assistive Technologieshttp://feedproxy.google.com/%7Er/blogspot/gVvh/%7E3/hl5ljV9FvYk/new-infographic-guides-available-with.html<p>For the past 6 months I have been using&nbsp;the WACOM Bamboo Slate and iPad to create info-graphics for many of the assistive technologies that I have been using with students. What started out as a just a way for me to explore some new gadgets quickly became an enjoyable activity&nbsp;for me at the end of a busy day. In the evenings, to relax, I will take out my Bamboo Slate and using a mechanical pencil begin to draw a screen shot or gadget&nbsp;and then ink it with the Bamboo pen. Once the drawing is inked, I send it to my iPad and begin to color it using the&nbsp;Bamboo Paper app.I have to tell you that I find it very relaxing&nbsp;creating these info-graphics and there is something engaging about drawing the images. I have received a great deal of positive feedback and some educators have&nbsp;approached me about wanting to purchase them for classroom use. I am in the process of putting together a list of the info-graphics&nbsp;that I have created and will be offering them laminated for easy reference&nbsp;and use. The info-graphics&nbsp;cover a wide array of apps and hardware and are a easy to use quick reference which would be ideal for classroom teachers or students taking courses in educational technology and special&nbsp;education. I am working on the pricing but am trying to keep the costs&nbsp;down so that I can this information into the hands of teachers, students, and parents. I should be able to create the info-graphic guides so that there are 2 guides in a heavy lamination for ease of use. The info-graphic guides can be three holed punched so that you can keep them in a binder. The laminated guide which would consist of two different but related info-graphic guides are $10 dollar each. Single page info-graphic guides would run $5.00. Volume pricing is available.Here is a partial list of some of the guides that are now available.Getting Started with Voice TypingUsing Voice Commands with Voice TypingUsing Popplet&nbsp;Using the C-Pen Scanning Reader P</p>Mon, 27 Mar 2017 00:45:00 -0000958 - From London: Shooting & Reactions to Terrorhttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/3/22/958-from-london-shooting-reactions-to-terror.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- March 12, 2017 #958 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,620 Readers - www.masie.com - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; Dear Learning TRENDS Readers and Colleagues: Hello. I am in London, England right now and the city is in a sense of shock with the terror attack that has just occurred at the Parliament Building. The details are still coming in and investigations are underway as over 1,000 people are still at Parliament as the incident reaction is happening. It was a personal shock, coming after a great London opening of our Broadway Show, An American in Paris, that just opened to rave reviews from the press.&nbsp; We had just finished a meeting of producers, excited about the show and the desire of people to see a show that had heart, light and historical context. But, when terror happens, we all stop. And, in the age of constant and global media, terror impacts people far and wide. One personal perspective is that we need to be able to trust the statements of our government leaders, for we are dependent on them for trusted information and content at times of crisis and emergency.&nbsp; And, we will need to think about ways in which we can, as individuals, react to terror incidents.&nbsp; I think of the citizens of London during World War II, who had to adapt to the regular bombing of their city and try to have both an emergency response alongside a sense of &#8220;normal&#8221;. The security in London was quick and widespread with detectives in front of this hotel and conversations underway with the thousand people still at the scene. Flying back to New York tomorrow.&nbsp; Thoughts, prayers and wonders about our collective adaption to these changing times.&nbsp; Thanks for listening at a stressful moment. Yours in learning, Elliott Masie Email: emasie@masie.com Twitter: @emasie&nbsp; MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services: - Curation &amp; Learning LAB - May 9-11, 2017 Saratoga Springs, NY</p>Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:22:52 -0000The C-Pen Reader Packs A Lot of Features in a Small Packagehttp://feedproxy.google.com/%7Er/blogspot/gVvh/%7E3/rOKHCJXtCQY/the-c-pen-reader-packs-lot-of-features.html<p>When I came across the C-Pen Reader at the FETC conference&nbsp;this past year, I knew that I had to request&nbsp;a review unit to test it out. After contacting the company, they approved my request and C-Pen Readerprovided me a C-Pen Reader&nbsp;for the review. The opinions reflected in this blog are my own. I have been in the field of assistive technology for over 25 years and over these years have looked at a number of portable hand held reading solutions that promised to make the reading process easy and quick from scanning to reading text.&nbsp;The first time you pick up the&nbsp;C-Pen Reader you will be amazed by it size and weight (1.7 oz.) and a&nbsp;bright OLED&nbsp;256 x 64&nbsp;display. The&nbsp;C-Pen Reader packs a lot of technology into a rather small package making it easy to pack in your backpack or brief case. The&nbsp;C-Pen Reader comes with a Quick Start Guide which gets you up and running quickly. In the box you will find the C-Pen, a USB to Micro USB cable (for charging and transfring files), ear buds, and a protective carrying case. The&nbsp;C-Pen Reader was already charged right out of the box and so I jumped in and turned it on. Pressing the Power button started up the&nbsp;C-Pen Reader and now I was ready to scan some text. Gliding the&nbsp;C-Pen Reader across&nbsp;a line of text, you will begin to experience just how fast the text is scanned into the device. Within seconds the line of text was being read with highlighting by the&nbsp;C-Pen Reader using a high quality American English text to speech engine. Using the navigation buttons-students could go back and have the text re-read as they see fit. There are lots of ways to customize the reading experience&nbsp;by jumping into the Menu system to control the speed (Slow, Medium, &amp; Fast) and volume. The&nbsp;C-Pen Reader has an 3.5 mm audio jack which enables students to plug in their ear buds so that they can use the&nbsp;C-Pen Reader in a classroom, discreetly. One of the problems that </p>Sat, 18 Mar 2017 14:41:00 -0000957 - Hello from Dublin: e-Learning Roots and St. Patricks Dayhttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/3/17/957-hello-from-dublin-e-learning-roots-and-st-patricks-day.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- March 17, 2017 #957 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,618 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.&nbsp;&nbsp; Dear Learning TRENDS Readers and Colleagues: Hello from Dublin, Ireland, which I am visiting for meetings and enjoyment for the first time in many years. Ireland has a rich personal past for me and it also has a key&nbsp;history in the development of eLearning over the past few decades. And, today is St. Patricks Day, which has become a huge holiday festival in Ireland. The first wave of Computer Based Training and several of the first Learning Management and Content Management Systems were developed in Ireland in the early 1990&#8217;s. Ireland had the perfect mix of skills in Design, Language, Coding and Literature - which created the earliest hub for Technology and Learning Content Development. &nbsp;We held several early eLearning forums in Dublin and gave an award to its Prime Minister for support of our field. And, I had lived and worked in Dublin for two years, right after college, helping to create learning and support programs for teenagers who were runaways or street kids. I worked for the Irish Government and was active in community organizing around changing youth culture.&nbsp; It was an amazing experience in a rapidly changing country. So, today the St. Patrick&#8217;s Day parade will pass through Dublin:&nbsp; The start of our eLearning content&nbsp;came from the culture of Ireland. &nbsp;Driven by curiosity, love of education, passion for learning and mixing words, images, interactions, plus expanding access to masses who can&#8217;t get to the classroom, eLearning pays a big nod to its roots in Ireland. &nbsp;May we add that to our St. Patrick&#8217;s Day celebrations. &nbsp; &#8220;Sl&aacute;inte - Good Health&#8221; Yours in learning, Elliott Masie Email: emasie@masie.com Twitter: @emasie&nbsp; MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services: - C</p>Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:37:36 -0000956 - Curation Futures, LMS Reconsiderationshttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/3/8/956-curation-futures-lms-reconsiderations.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- March 8, 2017. #956 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,616 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. Curation Futures! Learning Panorama Expands. 2. LMS Reconsideration? Changes Coming. 3. An American in Paris Opens In London! 1. Curation Futures! Learning Panorama Expands:&nbsp; For the past two days, we have hosted 42 learning colleagues from around the world in my Curation &amp; Learning LAB.&nbsp; It has been fascinating to dive deep into Curation - by the learner, by learning designers, by the corporate IT function, and, in the near future, by Machine Learning functionality.&nbsp; We have been exploring the future of Curation as learners&#8217; Panorama of content expands, including more &#8220;Open Content&#8221;, user created content, and non-L&amp;D content.&nbsp; The conversations are clearly validating the role that Curation will play in the future of Learning.&nbsp; And, our design models, content management, and learning systems will have to adapt. We sold out the first LAB and are announcing a new edition: &nbsp; Curation &amp; Learning LAB &nbsp; May 9 to 11, 2017 at The MASIE Center LAB in Saratoga Springs &nbsp; Details and Registration: http://www.masie.com 3. LMS Reconsidered? Changes Coming: The conversations about Learning Management Systems continue to reveal a sense of change coming for many Learning Departments.&nbsp; In the past week, I have been chatting with about 10 Learning Leaders who are reflecting on these key questions: - Talent Systems and LMS: Will the Talent Systems that are coming in to do widespread management of the HR data function take over the LMS role? &nbsp;A number of leaders have been asked to prepare for a possible rapid switch to the Talent system that is inbound. - LMS Underneath - Innovation in Layers Above: I continue to hear a desire to make the LMS the &#8220;aggregator and integrator&#8221; down deep, with la</p>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 19:48:00 -0000955 - Cloud Goes Down & LMS Risks, Learners' Pins, "SITZPROBE"http://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/3/1/955-cloud-goes-down-lms-risks-learners-pins-sitzprobe.html<p>Elliott Masie&#8217;s Learning TRENDS&nbsp;- March 1, 2017. #955&nbsp;- Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology Since 1997. 57,611 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. When Amazon Cloud Fails, What Happens to Your LMS? 2. Employees Wearing Learning Pins. 3. &#8220;SITZPROBE&#8221;&nbsp;and Previews: Broadway Lessons for Learning. 1. When Amazon Cloud Burps, What Happens to Your LMS?&nbsp;&nbsp;Yesterday, Amazon&#8217;s Cloud Servers had a BURP, as many software applications and servers around the world failed or underperformed for several hours. I had difficulty using 3 key software packages that were located on the Amazon Cloud. &nbsp;Other sites slowed down or had an error message posted. &nbsp;We all know that IT things sometimes fail or &#8220;burp&#8221;, but this was one of the most widely experienced cloud based failures. What if your company had moved the Learning Management System or LCMS to a cloud like Amazon? &nbsp;What are our &#8220;learning vulnerabilities&#8221; as we shift from servers located in our corporate IT facility to globally located clouds? &nbsp;One lesson that many cloud users learned yesterday was to have &#8220;redundant or competitive&nbsp;clouds&#8221;. If an LMS were on a cloud and it had a short term failure, the user would be automatically shifted to a secondary cloud - either located in a different geography or hosted by a different supplier. While learning professionals are not responsible for making cloud storage decisions, we should be advocates for redundancy or backups. &nbsp;Enterprise Learning will need to have a failure roll-over capability. &nbsp;Time to take your IT manager for a cup of coffee and talk about your cloud failure strategy. 2. Employees Wearing Learning Pins.&nbsp;&nbsp;Imagine collections of your employees wearing small Learning Pins or Badges, sharing their engagement in a learning program or ability to be a learning resource to fellow learners. &nbsp;We used thi</p>Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:50:36 -0000954 - Assessment Improvement, Machine Learning Futures, Sensible Shoes for Trainershttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/2/27/954-assessment-improvement-machine-learning-futures-sensible.html<p>Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 27, 2017. #954 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology. 57,604 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. Assessment Confusion? Make it Challenging, Predictive &amp; Data Rich! 2. Machine Learning and Your LMS? 3. Comfortable Shoes for Trainers and Presenters. 1.&nbsp;Assessment Confusion? Make it Challenging, Predictive &amp; Data Rich!:&nbsp;&nbsp;Let&#8217;s take a new look at our Assessment Traditions! &nbsp;Based on conversations with learners, instructional designers, compliance coordinators, trainers and managers, there is a fair amount of Assessment Confusion in the learning world. &nbsp; Assessment serves many requirements. &nbsp;It provides formative and summative feedback to the learning designers and trainers. &nbsp;It can provide feedback and focus for a learner on their pathway to success. &nbsp;And, it must keep the &#8220;compliance angels&#8221; happy with acceptable data results. The MASIE Center is exploring new models for how we can supercharge and evolve assessments: - Assessment&nbsp;as Challenging as a Video Game: Let the learner see the Assessment as an Engagement Challenge - with the probability that they will fail some elements on their way to success. &nbsp;Let them take an eLearning program with the sense that they are making progress towards a much tougher assessment outcome and they are excited when they &#8220;pass&#8221;. - Predictive Assessment: We can design short predictive questions or case studies that will accurately predict a learner&#8217;s readiness to do a task. &nbsp;Rather than take an assessment that looks like a final exam in college, give the learner 5 queries that are laddered in difficulty and will be great predictors of success. - Data Rich Assessment: Take a Big Learning Data approach to Assessment that gives both the learner and the learning designer a better sense of a person&#8217;s knowledge or gaps. Tie together the pattern of th</p>Mon, 27 Feb 2017 19:09:21 -0000953 - Wages for Home eLearning, Apps and Coaching Mixture, Learning Systems Insidehttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/2/21/953-wages-for-home-elearning-apps-and-coaching-mixture-learn.html<p>Learning From Home Wage Laws, App Coaching, Learning Systems Inside? Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 21, 2016. #953 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology. 57,602 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. Learning from Home Wage Laws &amp; Australia Finding 2. App Coaching and Dashboards: Diet and Feedback from Elliott 3. Learning Systems Inside! A Finding from the Field 4. Readers: Text or Rich Text?&nbsp; Next Edition Here 1. Learning from Home Wage Laws &amp; Australia Finding:&nbsp;Prepare for a series of court cases that will rule on the Wage Law issues of workers accessing online learning from home. Clearly, employees who are on an hourly wage basis must be compensated for access from home. This has led a number of companies to link their LMS to their wage system, to make sure that an employee only accesses courses while at work and on wage. But, the conversation is getting more complex. If an employee voluntarily accesses content on a voluntary basis, for something that might improve their career, is that also a wage hour? And, if an employee who is not hourly accesses content, does that have an impact on their time off or other benefits? And, does that relate to someone accessing the HR site for benefits and taking an online course about their retirement investments? The MASIE Center will be tracking and hosting conversations about this topic, including dialogues with labor departments, HR leaders and unions.&nbsp; Note, I just received a note from a TRENDS reader in Australia, where there was a finding in late 2016 by Fair Work Australia Federal body (that regulates workers rights, pays and conditions) ordering a major Pharmacy&nbsp; group to back pay nearly $4million AUD to 6,000 staff that were doing online courses after their work hours.&nbsp; The compliance monitoring of elearning based wages from home access will continue around the world. 2. App Coaching and Dashboards - Diet Feedback for Elliott</p>Tue, 21 Feb 2017 21:00:35 -0000952 - Learning Systems Ready for Changing Learners? Video vs. PowerPoint in Webinars!http://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/2/17/952-learning-systems-ready-for-changing-learners-video-vs-po.html<p>Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 17, 2016.#952 - Updates on Learning, Business &amp; Technology.57,598 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.&nbsp; 1. Learning Systems: Are They Ready for Changing Learners and Learning?2. Video vs PowerPoint: Centerpiece of Online Learning Dialogues?3. Format Question: Plain Text or HTML with Graphics for Learning TRENDS?&nbsp; 1. Learning Systems: Are They Ready for Changing Learners and Learning?&nbsp; I am hearing a powerful and disruptive message from CLO&#8217;s and Learning Leaders about their LMS, LCMS and Learning Systems:&nbsp; &#8220;We need our Learning Systems to do enterprise learning, BUT our learning approaches and learners are changing quicker than our LMS and LCMS.&nbsp; We need to do more curation, personalization, workflow support and agile video, YET our LMS and LCMS can&#8217;t make these changes in agile time.&nbsp; So, what do we do?&#8221;&nbsp; This is not a knock on the LMS and LCMS marketplace, but it is a wake-up call.&nbsp; We are hearing a clear direction that includes:&nbsp; * Burying the LMS as an internal system and adding new &#8220;layers&#8221; for social, curation and video elements.* Adding Learning Apps as a new front end, customized to the learning needs of specific learners, which work with the LMS in the background.* Shifting to non-Learning Systems, such as Talent ERP&#8217;s, to handle much of what was traditionally done with the LMS.* Creating new Learner and Performance Metrics to take a more Data Analysis approach around the LMS.&nbsp; And, this conversation gets very intriguing when you add the phrase &ldquo;Machine Learning&rdquo;!&nbsp; How will the emerging world of Machine Learning deal with legacy and non-agile Learning Systems?&nbsp; Two requests:&nbsp; A: I would love to hear from Learning TRENDS colleagues with your perspective on the shifting world of Learning Systems and your own organization.&nbsp; Send me a private message to emasie@masie.c</p>Fri, 17 Feb 2017 19:35:41 -0000951 - Snow Day Learning and Collaboration?http://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/2/9/951-snow-day-learning-and-collaboration.html<p>Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 9, 2017#951 - Snow Day Learning; Two Types of&nbsp;Curation; London &amp; Dublin&nbsp;www.masie.com - Twitter: @emasie - The MASIE Center -&nbsp;57,293 Readers&nbsp; * Snow Day Learning: &nbsp;It is a &#8220;Snow Day&#8221; right now in New York City and many&nbsp;of my colleagues (including our local staff) have been asked to work from home today. &nbsp; When we were in school, Snow Day meant a day off. &nbsp;But, what about a Snow Day for Work? &nbsp;Is it an opportunity (especially for my friends in wintery regions) for a different learning or collaboration window? So, the weather is bad and gives employees an option (or mandate) to work from home today. &nbsp;Beyond doing the normal day&#8217;s work, why not have a Snow Day Plan ready to do some unique development, learning or collaboration? &nbsp;Here are a few images of what a Snow Day might include: - Let&#8217;s Work a Problem: &nbsp;Pick 1 or 2 problems facing the organization and invite folks into small group Problem Workout rooms - for 30 to 90 minutes - to divergently develop fresh approaches. &nbsp;All it takes is a facilitator, your normal webinar/video tools and a curator to capture and post outcomes. - Lunch Lessons from the C Suite: Invite the CEO or other C Level officer to be interviewed by 4 folks from different offices (from their home) - with some questions sent back from the field. - Snow Day Mentoring Meetups: Create a connection process to link employees to others with expertise or experience - as a Snow Day Meetup. Snow Days actually were some of my BEST Learning Days in School. &nbsp;The curriculum was replaced with cool projects, reading and conversations with friends and family at home. Make your Snow Days Learning filled and Collaboration Rich! * Curation: Mine or the Organization&#8217;s?:&nbsp;&nbsp;As The MASIE Center develops our Curation and Learning framework, it is clear that there are two parallel curator processes at work. &nbsp;</p>Thu, 09 Feb 2017 19:58:04 -0000950 - "Fake News", "Alternative Facts" and Learninghttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/1/25/950-fake-news-alternative-facts-and-learning.html<p>Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie&nbsp;-&nbsp;January 25, 2017#950: &#8220;Fake News&#8221; &amp; &#8220;Alternative Facts&#8221;&nbsp;www.masie.com - Twitter: @emasie - The MASIE Center -&nbsp;57,286 Readers&nbsp; &nbsp; &#8220;FAKE NEWS&#8221; &amp; &#8220;Alternative&nbsp;Facts&#8221;:&nbsp;Learning Implications? The current media and political conversations about &#8220;FAKE NEWS&#8221; and &#8220;Alternative Facts&#8221; are already impacting the world of Learning and Development. I am in&nbsp;Germany this week and was asked by six different learning leaders if we need to address &#8220;FAKE NEWS&#8221; in the workplace. &nbsp;Our workers receive and scan the widest range of information sources from in and outside the organization. &nbsp;Some of those stories, even if coming from what seems like a trusted source such as a TED Talk or major publication, may contain content that the organization&nbsp;sees as &#8220;Fake&#8221; or Not Based on Facts. How does an organization &#8220;CURATE&#8221; content and provide context, ratings or, in some cases, repudiation for high volume &#8220;FAKE NEWS&#8221;?&nbsp;One colleague from The&nbsp;Netherlands is asking his IT department to provide a trending report of the key external news stories accessed by workers - to guide their&nbsp;response. And, in some cases the news is truly &#8220;FAKE NEWS&#8221;. &nbsp;It might be a&nbsp;phony website that is created by a competitor or ex-employee, aimed at&nbsp;discrediting the organization Or, it might be what has just surfaced as an &#8220;ALTERNATIVE FACTS&#8221; model. &nbsp;Imagine how an employee might react to a statement by management that directly contradicts their&nbsp;experience dealing with customers or products. &nbsp;Watch for the phrase &#8220;Alternative Facts&#8221; to start to surface in workplace discussion. Your Thoughts&nbsp;Please: &nbsp;I would love to get reactions from the widest set of Learning TRENDS readers about the possible&nbsp;implications for &</p>Wed, 25 Jan 2017 15:26:14 -0000Betabook- Portable Whiteboard to the Rescue!http://feedproxy.google.com/%7Er/blogspot/gVvh/%7E3/q4HNN5pdYVo/betabook-portable-whiteboard-to-rescue.html<p>Sometimes you just scratch your head and say, "how come I didn't think of that?" That's what&nbsp;I said to myself when I received the Betabook to review. The Betabook is a portable whiteboard bound between two covers to resemble a book. I received the small A4 Betabook with a black marker and fleece eraser to try out. For the past year I have really delved into sketchnoting and thought that I would give the Betabook a try. The Betabook is extremely portable and you would hardly know it was in your bag to carry it. Owing to the fact that it is an analog device-it is extremely easy to use, just open the Betabook take the cap off of the supplied dry erase marker and you are ready to go. The whiteboard&nbsp;surface is smooth, bright and easy to write on, with the fine point dry erase marker. I did go out to Staples and purchase a set of multi-colored dry erase markers to supplement the black&nbsp;marker that was included. The colors looked great on the Betabook and when it was time to erase the whiteboard the fleece eraser worked well. Throwing the Betabook in my bag reminds me how freeing analog tools can be. No worries about having to charge the device and with my iPhone it is easy to snap a shot and share my ideas with others. If you are a visual thinker and like sketchnoting or whiteboarding and have always yearned for a portable&nbsp;solution here it is. For those of you that need more real estate you can purchase the Betabook Pro which is an A3 size. For me the A4 size works well and barely&nbsp;takes up any room in my backpack which is great! For more information please go to Betabook.</p>Mon, 23 Jan 2017 23:11:00 -0000Curation and Workplace Learninghttp://trends.masie.com/archives/2017/1/17/curation-and-workplace-learning.html<p> You and your colleagues are invited to participate in our new LAB, focused on Curation and Learning.&nbsp; I will facilitate a small group of Learning Professionals interested in exploring the evolving methods, tools, systems, and impacts of Curation for Workplace Learning. Complete details at http://www.masie.com Yours in learning,&nbsp;&nbsp; Elliott Masie, Host &amp; Curator, emasie@masie.com </p>Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:16:00 -0000